I was browsing the pictures on my iPhone and realized that there is one hue that often shows up in my photos, yet is not a  favorite color of mine.


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I never wear green, or choose it when picking colors. However, I love greens – especially in leaves and plants.


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There are so many different tones, temperatures, and hues of green leaves. I enjoy these variations, which bring interesting depth to the color.


I have four leafy plants that I grow in our living room, and each one has its own name – Travis, Wilco, Chicago, and Midori. Travis is my first baby and is so adorable. He is a Ficus Lyrata, and although it’s going slowly, as a mom, I get so happy seeing him grow. It actually makes me smile when I find new baby leaves on him getting ready to open.



If I could add more plants in our place, I would want Pilea or Monstera.


Images via Pilea People, The Sill, and Gardenista


What would I name those handsome trees?


Green is never my color, but when I see it reflected in the hues of plants, I fall in love.



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