I love and hate summer.


As always, summer in NYC keeps us waiting for such a long time. After spring finally arrives, which is just a one week transition after winter, summer comes out of the blue – literally, the clear blue sky welcomes you to the summer.


I don’t really plan anything special during summer usually, as it is my least favorite season. I wish NYC summers were cooler and less humid, and I always wish they would be gone sooner. However, the magic of summer is that you suddenly feel you’ll miss it when you start to sense the end of it.


I have one small trip planned next weekend, and that will close the chapter of my summer 2017, following the other great memories that I captured with my camera.


My first visit to Canada, and my first soaked-in-falls experience.



A couple of day trips to Upstate New York.



Enjoying art, as usual.



Enjoying art outside, because it’s summer.



Bye bye summer 2017 – another summer with a lot of unforgettable recollections.




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