Lemonade, flamingo, bubble gum, cotton candy, millennials, etc. Pink can represent a lot of different things.


One beautiful thing about signs is how they decay. I love seeing old, classic signs showing that time has passed, and telling all their stories and small anecdotes. Whether they look old-fashioned or simply outdated, signs have their own beauty after spending time at a location, blending into the neighborhood with each phase.


The decay can be seen from the rusted metal, missing letter(s), or slanted position, and most frequently, from discoloration or fading. As time passes, color can turn into something different – for instance, red can turn into brown, wine, or orange, and blue can turn into navy, grey, or purple.


But then, I noticed that one of my favorite colors always stays the same, except perhaps with a change of tone. It may be called differently, but it is still the same color – it’s pink. The first “SIGNS: WHAT THEY TELL YOU” in a long while is themed “50 SHADES OF PINK“.




I don’t know how to professionally call each and every shade of pink in those photos, but they are always pink. They have been/are/will be pink, no matter the shade.


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