I have been strongly inspired by signs that I see as I stroll around in cities. 


They don’t move, but they have been there for a while – aging, fading, and witnessing what’s been happening in the area. It feels like they are alive. It feels like they have a lot to say.

I gaze at these signs and take pictures of them, trying to capture not only their aesthetic, but how they live.

I’m happy to introduce these signs to you, their pictures and their stories in my series, “SIGNS: WHAT THEY TELL YOU“.

Let’s start with my first episode, “DOWNTOWN MEMORY“.

dtm1 dtm2dtm7dtm5 dtm4 dtm6dtm3

All pictures were taken in San Francisco, and more specifically, in Downtown San Francisco where I stayed for a couple of days this past summer. Compared to the Bay Area where I also spent time during the same trip, this area had either more classic or old-fashioned buildings with signs that apparently haven’t been replaced for a long time. They live together, and have been an essential part of the facade of the whole neighborhood. They were simply lovely.

Stay tuned for the upcoming episodes of “SIGNS: WHAT THEY TELL YOU“, from San Francisco, New York City, and more.



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