Although signs are just one small part of the view, it sometimes feels like everything is focused on them and even time slows down or almost stops for them.


Every time I realize this magic, I see a scene where everything else starts desaturating or turning monochromatic, and the sign begins to dance through the haze.

DESATURATED WALTZ“, the second episode of “SIGNS: WHAT THEY TELL YOU” is also from San Francisco.

mono3 mono5 mono6 mono7

Signs: they have something to tell you, but they also want to waltz and dance together with you.

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DESATURATED WALTZ” – To dance this slow waltz in the world of muted colors, there is no complicated steps or fancy dance shoes needed; you can just sway your body as you feel the vibe. It’s a dance to the urban noise as you walk in a city.


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