It’s already happening in the west, and you can hop on a subway to see it.


The latest station in Manhattan, 34 Street-Hudson Yards on the 7 train line – I didn’t even know the existence of it until I saw it one day on an MTA map on the train. It makes total sense to open a new station in that area since so many things are moving to or starting there. You see so much construction going on everyday and you can feel the vibe of something new happening.



Just as the neighborhood is getting newly developed, the 34 Street-Hudson Yards station too has definitely a brand-new look.

At first, I was not planning to take pictures when I visited there the other day, because the station doesn’t have that iconic New York subway station aesthetic at all: dark and dirty stairs, cracked tiles, tracks with trash pilled up, etc.

However, I was luckily able to witness the station without any human traffic, and that empty, futuristic and crisp look of a new New York subway station inspired me. It somehow reminds me of the stations in my hometown, Tokyo, but those classic New York subway logos and signs effortlessly give the platforms, exits and everything else a New York feel.

NEW WEST“; That’s brand-new , but still New York.








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