I’ve been living in Astoria, New York for two years and three months. 


Although my husband and I are moving to Manhattan very soon, Astoria has been, and will continue to be a very special neighborhood to me. “ASTORIA” – It’s where everything started.

Astoria is special, because it’s been always nice to me ever since I moved here in the fall of 2013.

All the brick wall buildings and their simplicity

IMG_8740 IMG_8753 IMG_8768 IMG_8749

Very whimsical diversity

IMG_8754 IMG_8764 IMG_8758 IMG_8757

(where you may randomly run into your idol…)


Odd findings at thrift stores

IMG_8774 IMG_8761-1 IMG_8763

Every corner I turn, it has its own personality, and it makes me wanna walk one more block.


I will miss you, Astoria. Let me take the Astoria bound N or Q train once in a while, to find something new again, as usual.



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