Yes, it’s about my lovely neighborhood, Astoria, again.


Recently, I feel like strolling around the neighborhood or entering stores that I usually don’t go to, probably in order to make sure that I know enough about Astoria before I leave here soon.

My husband wanted to go get beer at the supermarket that is never our go-to, although it’s pretty close to our condo. I tagged along.




It’s very American, for sure,


jello IMG_2458


but also very international in the Astorian way.


IMG_2466 IMG_2473 IMG_2454IMG_2475 IMG_2464


Astoria’s diversity lets you find anything here – European, Mediterranean, Asian, Mexican, and so on.

Where else in NYC, for example, can you see this authentic selection of tahini sauce?



It could be overwhelming to newcomers, but once you find it interesting, like my husband, who loves to try various beer from all over the world, Astoria is the only place in NYC that can satisfy your inquisitiveness ultimately.

Just on a couple of blocks on our way home, I was truly feeling lucky to spend the first two years of my New York life in such a charming neighborhood with lots of amusing things.

IMG_2488 IMG_2482 IMG_2486 IMG_2485 IMG_2489


TAKE A WALK IN ASTORIA” – it’s very distinctive, interesting, and warm hearted.


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