Our Valentine’s date, two weeks ago…


This year’s Valentine’s was followed by a holiday, so it was a three day weekend.

My husband and I went out to DUMBO on that holiday Monday – it was a snowy day.




We didn’t have any special plans to do until dinner, but we know what we both like – city strolls, bookstores, coffee (me) and beer (him).

We found an interesting bookstore, The Powerhouse Arena.






My husband came across a great photo book, which he was going to tell me about later on. After he browsed through other sections, he started to look for me and what he saw was me tempted by the very same photo book, wanting to share it with him.

It is titled “Uncommon Places”, capturing the beauty of common scenes of good old America, in a very nostalgic way. Its title, I think, came from that nostalgia that people feel from that book, without actually being there.


It just made each of us happy that we both were excited to find a great book and were hoping the other would like it and find it interesting.

This was after we exchanged Valentine’s gifts already, but our lists never end! What’s great is that we can share our gifts now, especially since we got married, like this photo book, perhaps.

Anyways, it was a cold day. Windy, snowy, and frosty.





Over a latte and a couple of cans of beer, we enjoyed conversation. Even as a married couple, it was as fun as a first date.




While it may seem ordinary, since I started working, spending time together like this has been even more special. It’s common, but uncommon – each time is a little special, happy, relaxing, and memorable.

Our dinner reservation was at The River Cafe. A romantic location by the Brooklyn Bridge and East River.





We both enjoyed a great dinner at a very established restaurant.






Valentine’s Day has to be special, but for us, it has to be usual, too. Commonness makes me feel safe and satisfied, plus a little bit of uncommonness makes each supposed-to-be-special day unforgettable and irreplaceable. Looking back, our relationship has been always like that.



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