Being in Downtown New York, I always feel that old is good. Old is too good.


Manhattan has many elements because the city functions in many different ways. Manhattan is the center of business, finance, fashion, art, entertainment, etc. Considering that Downtown Manhattan was the first area that had been developed in the history of New York City, and given how old the city is, it somehow, mysteriously, manages to retain its own charm and colors.

OLD IS GOOD“, and also…

Old is delicious.


Old is fun.

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Old is cute.


And old is chic.


I live in between the skyscraper of Manhattan, where it has its own colors – white, grey, silver, and black. It’s really achromatic. Downtown, on the contrary, is on the warmer side, with the colors of bricks and stones. It passes on the history of New York City, and what’s more interesting is that younger generations find this oldness ultimately new.

I love Manhattan, with its multiple iconic looks all over this tiny island, and I do enjoy walking around even in the over 90 degree heat wave.


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