This is a bit of an old story – my husband and I went to London last November.


I was very happy that we visited London together, the city where I grew up and used to study. We both like British art, food, and bands, so there was no doubt that we would enjoy it, and we certainly did. My husband especially liked the pub food and record stores there, and London is obviously one of the greatest cities for these things.


Although I hadn’t been back in London for a decade, most parts of the stay felt nostalgic to me, except for the neighborhood where I went for the first time: Brick Lane.




My father used to tell me not to go to East London, just like he used to warn me not to go to Brooklyn in New York ten years ago. It always feels exciting to do something rebellious, right? So, we hopped on the train east to go to Brick Lane one weekend where a street market was taking place.




Brick Lane was filled with a lot of vendors that sold various unique items. My husband was captivated by some old British gentlemen’s record collection, whereas I was so into the vintage clothing and chotchkies.







Just strolling around the area, we definitely enjoyed the true East London vibe, which was not in any way similar to the cheesy hipster type of atmosphere you might have expected, but a more authentic, vintage vibe.

The junk food there also satisfied our appetite. Beigel Bake had the best bagel I had ever had, which was a bit surprising considering I live in New York City.





I already miss the tingle of the bright yellow English mustard in the sandwich.




I am so jealous that my husband has a chance to go back to London for a conference this fall (which includes a trip to beautiful Barcelona!) We will see if we can go back to the city we are in love with together again.




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