This is the June 2017 version of SIGNS: WHAT THEY TELL YOU in Paris.


I did a SIGNS: WHAT THEY TELL YOU story in January 2016, from my first trip to Paris as a fashion professional. Since then, I have travelled to Paris for fashion week four times for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter.


Paris in June is pretty hot and the sun does’t set until 10 PM. In the bright and clear sunshine, the signs, especially the classic signs, look very original – it feels as if each sign had a character or personality, and they might talk to you. Some bistro sign could be a grumpy-looking old gentleman who is actually friendly, or a grocery sign could be a chatty and chubby lady who is smoking all the time.


IMG 2539

IMG 2540

IMG 2771

IMG 2545

IMG 3010

IMG 2750

IMG 2753

IMG 2769

IMG 3017

IMG 3018



Strolling around in the city of Paris over 90 degrees, I could’t help but stop to daydream and gaze at all the unique signs, not through my sunglasses but the viewfinder of my Canon to capture the characters of the Parisian signs.


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